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Wiltjer leads No. 10 Gonzaga past Georgia

Wiltjer scored a career-high 32 points and No. 10 Gonzaga beat Georgia 88-76 on Wednesday night in the NIT Season Tip-Off semifinals.

''They were playing one-on-one coverage in the post and Kevin (Pangos) did a great job of feeding us down there,'' Wiltjer said. ''Not a lot of my 3s went down, but Kevin was finding me on those pocket passes on open side ball screens. They were having a tough time guarding us down low so we just tried to keep going at it and that's where we got easy points.''

Wiltjer scored 16 of his 32 points in the first half to help Gonzaga take a 46-33 lead.

''Their team was getting nearly 29 points a game from the 3-point line and so we decided we were going to eliminate the 3-point line and then let their post players play one-on-one,'' Georgia coach Mark Fox said. ''He finished a lot of those plays. He's just too good to play one-on-one.''

Georgia's Nemanja Djurisic had the difficult task of guarding Wiltjer on his career night.
''It was hard because we were long on the post most of the times,'' Djurisic said. ''We tried to matchup and we tried to do different things, but often times he found a way to score either on us or the small guys when we switched. He's a great player. We all knew that.''

Pangos added 22 points, six assists and three steals for Gonzaga (5-0). He also had his first turnover of the season through five games.

The Bulldogs will play St. John's in the championship game Friday night. St. John's beat Minnesota 70-61 in the first semifinal.

Charles Mann led Georgia (3-2) with 23 points, seven rebounds and four assists.

''I just wanted to be aggressive and just help my team win,'' Mann said. ''I was able to attack and I just wanted to keep on attacking and make plays at the rim.''
Gonzaga's Josh Perkins left the game toward the end of the game after being kicked in the face. Coach Few said Perkins was heading to the hospital after the game for tests.


Gonzaga: Gonzaga entered the game leading the nation in assists per game at 22.8. It also ranked fourth in field goal percentage (56.1) and sixth in points per game (94.8).

Georgia: Georgia entered the game ranked 10th in blocked shots per game at 7.5.


Gonzaga: Gonzaga will play St. John's on Friday in the championship game Friday night.

Georgia: Georgia will play Minnesota in the third-place game.

For the Record: Columnist Greg Cote mischaracterizes process

While the NCAA enforcement staff Football Live Betting Lines Online Bingo Play Slots Online in US NFL Betting Lines gathers the facts of a case, the Committee on Infractions is a separate and independent group that determines what violations may have occurred and any appropriate penalties. To inform its final decision, the Committee uses information not only provided to them by the enforcement staff, but also the involved school and individuals. The Committee on Infractions is comprised of diverse individuals from the NCAA membership and general public.

When NCAA member schools created the rules that govern the infractions process, they intentionally divided the fact-finding process from that which decides the outcome of the case.

In direct contradiction to Cotes assertions, this check and balance exists to provide a fair, neutral process for any school or individual involved in the infractions process.

March Madness HowTo

5 simple rules To fill out your March Madness bracket

1.Rankings Matter
2.Strong Conferences
4.Margin of Victory
5.Point Spread Victory

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The Preview: Kansas Jayhawks v. Lehigh Mountain Hawks

The Preview: Kansas Jayhawks v. Lehigh Mountain Hawks

Bet on this game on

Which hawk will prevail…okay dumb question.

The number one seeded, as well as favorites in this year’s tournament, the Kansas University Jayhawks will be facing the number 16 seeded Lehigh Mountain Hawks in the Midwest regional. Opening tip-off will be at 9:30 pm eastern time, March 18, 2010, at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

So the question isn’t who’s going to win, because a 16 seeded team has never beat a number one seeded team in the first round, but the better question is by how much and when will the Jayhawks pull their starters and put in the reserves. Fun fact, since the tournament went to its current format of 64 teams, a number 16 seed has never beaten a number one seed.

Before we answer the important questions and start betting on, there are something very familiar things about this game. Let’s travel back into time to the 2005 tournament where the Jayhawks were matched up against Bucknell in the first round, and yes they also played at Oklahoma City’s Ford Center and yes the Bucknell’s are from the Patriot League too. Oh wait more crazy similarities, the game was also on March 18th and at night, and oh did I mention the Jayhawks lost. If you believe in superstition, signs, voodoo magic, and funky mojo I might stay away from this game, but then again, that stuff does not exist. OK, just had to get that crazy talk out of the way, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t tell you guys about it.

Leading the Jayhawks in the Midwest Region are Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich, two key pieces in the team's 2008 title run. The Jayhawks earned the overall number one seed based on an 18-1 record against Big 12 opponents, which includes three wins over Kansas State, a team in the mix for a top seed until falling to the Jayhawks in the conference final Saturday.

Currently the spread has the Kansas Jayhawks giving up 25.5 points, with how dominant the Jayhawks have been throughout the season as well as down the stretch, I don’t think this spread is too hard to reach. The Jayhawks averaged 81.8 points per game and has given up 63.8 points per game, if we do the quick math that is a difference of 18 points, but their opponents were mainly from their own conference, the Big 12. Playing a team from the Patriot League (is that a conference? Who knew) the Kansas Jayhawks can add another 8 points to their average or stop the Mountain Hawks from scoring all together.

The only chance Lehigh can even keep up with the Jayhawks is if freshman guard C.J McCollum can have a great game. McCollum leads the team in scoring with an 18.9 points per game average and leads his team with 70 three pointers and 40 steals. He is also the second assists leader behind senior guard Marquis Hall with 76. However, the Jayhawks have probably done their homework and will be able to contain the freshman.

All signs point to the Jayhawks as the easy bet. Go to to make your bets.